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Rectal Polyp

Rectal Polyp:

It is a mass or swelling arising from mucosal lining of bowel wall. It may be pedunculated or sessile. The polyp consists of rounded head and long pedicle which is attached to the mucosal surface. It may occur anywhere in the large intestine but the commonest site of polyp is recto sigmoidal region of intestine. Juvenile Polyp is most common in children below age 12 years.

Clinical features:

Below the age of 12 year mostly seen as a complain like bleeding and protrusion of mass per rectum. During digital exam it is unable to expel outside, only during defecation only come outside. Sometimes no external mass is there only bleeding per rectum is the main complain during and after defecation.


In modern surgery the polyp is excised under General Anaesthesia. In our centre we are ligating the polyp immediate after defecation under proper precaution.

Stages of Rectal Polyp treatment in an adult by Ksharasutra: