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Ksharasutra is a medicated alkaline thread prepared by smearing the latex of Euphorbia nerifolia (Thuar), Kshara (Hygroscopic Powder) of Achyranthus aspera (Apamarga) and Dry Powder of Curcuma longa (haridra) for 21 times which is dried in special Ksharasutra cabinet which is fitted with UV light for proper sterilization. In 1964 when Dr. P.J. Deshpande of Banaras Hindu University started the research work on role of Ksharasutra in fistula in ano. He worked for more than twenty years on Ksharasutra and Fistula in Ano and Standardized it. His research work on Ksharasutra and Anal fistula has changed the pattern of treatment of Ano-rectal surgical diseases in world.

Mode of Action of Ksharasutra:

Achyranthus aspera (Alkaline salt) – Strong alkali with high calcium content, Caustic action leading to cutting of tissue, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial.

Euphorbia nerifolia (Latex) – Wound Healing effect.

Curcuma longa (Fine Powder) – Minimizes local reaction, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial effect.

Kshar Sutra Therapy for Piles, Anul Fissure & Pilonidal Sinus.

Kshara sutra treatment, a cutting-edge Ayurvedic para-surgical technique, is well-known for its effectiveness in treating a variety of anorectal conditions, including kshara sutra treatment for piles This method is widely recommended by prominent professionals for hemorrhoids, anal fissures, pilonidal sinus, and fistula-in-ano. A medical disorder known as fistula-in-ano is 

characterized by an irregular, hollow tunnel that connects the lining of the anal canal to the perianal epidermis. This tunnel causes intense pain.hemorrhoids, or piles,are

a painful and common disease that affects many who have had anal abscesses in the past. Usually, a prior cyst or abscess that left behind persistent inflammation and tissue damage forms these painful and itchy bulging veins in the rectum or anus. The piles treatment with Kshara sutra provides a simple but very successful method that gently and safely removes the hemorrhoidal tissue using a medicated thread covered with Ayurvedic herbs.

Benefits of Kshar Sutra

Kshar Sutra therapy is a very effective treatment that skillfully reduces the chronic symptoms of the diseases listed above. It is a preferred option because of its exceptional affordability and unmatched safety. This treatment method makes use of a specific, medical-grade thread that is carefully applied to address the issue. Kshar Sutra benefits are countless as it contributes to overall wellness and long-term health management. in addition to treating specific conditions because it promotes general well-being and long-term health management. The therapy’s effectiveness, when combined with its strategic application and holistic benefits, confirms its status as a go-to treatment for individuals looking for complete treatment and long-term wellness.

Kshar Sutra for Pilonidal Sinus

Pilonidal Sinus (PNS) is a disorder that often appears as a tunnel or small hole in the skin around the anal region. It is more common in males and young people with continuous sitting habits and is often associated with professional demands. A cyst or abscess may develop from the collecting of pus or fluid in this opening over time. The medical condition generally arises in the region of the natal cleft and is distinguished by the existence of a cyst that may include a variety of materials, including hair, debris, dirt, or foreign things, which may cause severe discomfort or infection. Thankfully, Kshar Sutra therapy shows promise as a way to treat the Pilonidal sinus, providing relief and speeding up the healing process.

Kshar Sutra for Anal Fissure

An anal fissure is identified by a small cut in the mucosal wall of the anus that causes intense pain and bleeding during and after bowel motions is known as an anal fissure. This illness often arises from conditions like constipation, childbirth, or difficult bowel motions. A person of any gender or age might develop fissures in the anal region. Thankfully, Kshar Sutra therapy offers a range of benefits for the treatment of anal fissures, including efficient pain relief, faster healing, and reduced likelihood of recurrence. Kshar Sutra therapy stands out as the best option for treating this painful condition and returning to general anal well-being because of its natural and safe methodology

Clinical Procedure of Kshar Sutra Treatment for Piles & Fistula in Ano

The first step in the Kshar Sutra Ayurvedic therapy is to coat the linen thread gauge with Snuhi latex. This surgical gauge is coated four to seven times with Apamarga Kshara and Snuhi latex, and it is also coated four times with Haridra powder and Snuhi latex.

First, an anesthetic is injected into the patient before beginning Kshar Sutra for fistula-in-ano. Next, the coated Kshar Sutra is carefully placed via the fistula’s exterior opening using a flexible instrument. The Kshar Sutra and the instrument are to be gradually removed. To enable the slow cutting of the fistula tract and hence promote the healing of the symptoms, the Kshar Sutra thread is changed at both ends once a week. This procedure is beneficial in removing damaged tissue, allowing pus to drain, and treating microbial infections inside the tract, all of which contribute to the reduction of symptoms. The Kshar Sutra treatment for piles is a well-known and safe therapeutic option for people with piles. It is beneficial in treating a variety of anorectal diseases
The Kshar Sutra therapy uses the same approach and methodology as the Fistula-in-ano treatment to treat the Pilonidal sinus. The coated Kshara Sutra is inserted via the sinus’s exterior orifice, its ends knotted together, and it is changed once a week. Anesthesia takes place in the same way as Fistula-in-ano therapy. During the surgery, an incision at the mucocutaneous junction is made to remove and secure the pile mass after it has been removed with forceps through the hole in the anal cavity. Given the specific training and experience needed to treat this ailment, it is important to get treatment from good Kshar Sutra centers to ensure proper care, given the specialized knowledge and experid for treating this condition.

When to go for Kshar Sutra?

Kshar Sutra therapy for piles is very good for people suffering from anus problems like Anal Fissures, Fistula-in-ano, and piles. These diseases often trouble people who sit for a long time, especially those with desk jobs. Also, young people, children, and babies may get these problems due to constipation. However, pregnant ladies, are people with changing symptoms.

Kshar Sutra Therapy

 -After Treatment Care

The patient should have only liquid food 6 hours before taking the Kshar Sutra therapy. After therapy, they should slowly start taking semi-solid foods within 4-5 hours &  should warm the problem area at least 4 times daily for 21-25 days. Also, they should take Haritaki Churna and Triphala Guggulu with warm water before sleeping for 10-15 days after the operation. Doing regular walking and light exercises daily is very important. Since Kshar Sutra is an ongoing treatment, eating foods with lots of fiber is needed to prevent constipation. Eating a balanced diet helps smooth motion and reduces the chance of problems returning. 

Essential Steps for Successful Kshar Sutra Treatment

Kshar Sutra therapy offers highly effective treatment for various anorectal conditions, but optimal results require patients to complement it with alternative home remedies.

Incorporating fibrous foods and increasing water intake promotes smooth bowel movements, safeguarding rectal and anal muscles from strain.

In the event of deteriorating circumstances, medical professionals may recommend potent pharmaceutical interventions, such as botulinum toxin, nitroglycerine, and calcium channel blockers. However, it is crucial to note that these treatments can potentially lead to undesirable side effects. Patients should engage in open and transparent discussions with their healthcare

providers to weigh the potential benefits against the associated risks, ensuring an informed decision-making process.

Seeking consultation with a renowned Kshar Sutra Doctor at the earliest onset of symptoms is advisable to leverage the benefits of this holistic treatment approach and ensure long-term relief. If you’re seeking exceptional treatment for piles, consider consulting Dr. Haldar, a renowned Kshar Sutra therapy specialist. Their expertise in this ancient Ayurvedic technique sets them apart, offering a highly effective and specialized approach to addressing your condition with utmost professionalism and care 

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