Dr.Pronab Haldar

B.A.M.S., Ph D.(Ayu.)

Work days

Dr Pronab Haldar is well known Anorectal & Ayurvedic physician in Indore and has been practicing on Anorectal & Ayurveda for more than 15 years now. An expert in correctly diagnosing the disease and prescribing effective & proper Ayurvedic medication of the same.

  • M.D & PhD In Ayurveda
  • Teaching As Professor In Private Ayurvedic Colleges. 
  • Guided 4 MD Thesis And Presently Guiding 8 PhD Thesis.
  • Associated With Various Ayurvedic Societies And Associations As Visiting Consultant.
  • Published More Than 15 Journals As Main Author & Co-Author In Reputed Peer Reviewed Journals, Indexed Journals & UGC Indexed Journals.


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Dr.Haldar’s piles care centre is a set-up to cure Ano-Rectal diseases with most comfortable and convenient Medical Treatment using and developing latest and most recent medical technology and time tested Ayurvedic Principles. This centre uses Ksharasutra & Pratisaraniya kshara therapy, a latest technique of Ayurvedic surgery.

If you are looking for piles, fistula & fissure treatment without surgery, then Dr. Haldar’s piles care centre emerges as one of the best options. This centre has gained immense popularity across the Madhya Pradesh and out of state also for providing proven piles, fistula & fissure treatment.

Surgical treatment of all these diseases results in post-operative pain, bleeding, decrease in sphincter strength & in some cases, recurrence of the disease and several other side-effects.

The core strength of the centre is the use of advanced medical technology with 100% satisfaction along with friendly atmosphere with good hospitality. 

Dr Pronab Haldar, MD(Ayurveda), PhD Medical Director at Dr.Haldar’s piles care centre; is one of the outstanding Ksharasutra consultant in Madhya Pradesh.

Dr.Haldar has done extensive research in Ksharasutra therapy for more than 15 years & has established the centre on concept of Ksharasutra & Pratisaraniya kshara.

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