Pilonidal Sinus

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Pilonidal Sinus

Intermittent boil with discharge of pus, hairs and blood occurs on sacral region in mid spinal line between natal cleft. In acute phase natal abscess is formed which is associated with pain and fever. Sometime hairs are collecting from the sinus. The abscess is burst with discharge and symptoms are relieved leaving the intermittent or persistent discharging sinus.

Pilonidal Sinus

Continuous sitting in vehicles as driver. Hairy males suffering more. Hair accumulates due to vibration and friction causing shedding of the hair. Thus, it accumulates in the gluteal cleft and enters the opening of the sweat glands.

Treatment -:

Pilonidal Sinus seldom heal with medicinal treatment, any medication whether allopathic. ayurvedic or homeopathic may show some temporary relief but do not eradicate the problem. In most of the patients having pilonidal sinus, surgeons usually recommend surgical procedures like Z-plasty etc. Even after surgery the chances of recurrences are always there. Post-operative pain, hospitalization and chances of recurrence are the factors which suggest that surgery is not the appropriate method of treating pilonidal sinus.

Choice of Treatment (Ayurveda):

In ayurveda, a parasurgical treatment known as Ksharasutra therapy is an very much effective treatment for pilonidal sinus. Treatment method includes proper identification of sinus tract to its depth, direction and branching pattern. This could be achieved via sinogram or skilled probing. Once the sinus tract has been properly identified, a medicated thread so called Ksharasutra is placed in the tract. The medicine from the medicated thread is gradually released which leads to debridement of the sinus tract which means unhealthy tissue, pus, hairs are expelled out from the tract. The proper and complete debridement of the tract induces healing of the sinus which subsequently heals.  The medicine coated thread remains effective for 7 days after which it has to be replaced by a new thread. Usually, in a sinus or Fistula if tract having approx. 5 cm length, then the sitting required for treatment is about to 5 – 6 sittings of medicated thread replacement are required at a weekly interval. Ksharasutra therapy being a non-surgical OPD procedure doesn’t involve any hospitalization or bed rest and patients can resume their routine work immediately after treatment. But it’s better to take 1 – 2 days’ rest. Ksharasutra treatment is the treatment of choice for Pilonidal Sinus as chances of recurrence are seldom seen. The facility of Ksharasutra is available only at Dr Haldar’s Piles care centre in Indore.

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